Brenda Marinache

(April 10th, 1994 - June 2nd, 2004)

Romanian version

Those who know us also know that for us Brenda was more than a companion or a sound alarm of the neibourghoud - she was a true family member, deeply loved, which loved us back with the passion of a German Shephard.

At this impossible moment we want to believe that she had a beautiful life, that she lived with passion, and that there aren't many things she would have had otherwise. All we know for sure is that we loved her beyond and above; there are many who called us crazy when it came about her. And today we are really glad we did so, she deserved it.

It is very hard to talk about her at past tense, we still hear her asking to be let out in the backyard... It is even harder to express our sorrow - a long time will probably pass until we'll be able to talk about her without tears in our voices and eyes...

We built these pages to celebrate her too short life.

In the memory of the best friend one would ever have!